Attendance Confirmed and Tuition Paid – Thank You

Thank you for confirming your attendance at this year’s Viable Paradise and paying your tuition in full.

You’re all set to attend this year’s Viable Paradise workshop on October 15 – 20th, 2017. We’re looking forward to meeting you, and discussing craft, artistry, and science fiction and fantasy.

We’ll be in touch over the coming days and weeks to make sure everything’s organized, but in the meantime here are some next steps for you to take:

We recommend that people either arrive on Martha’s Vineyard on Saturday, October 14th or on Sunday, October 15th. Programming will start on Sunday, October 15th at 6pm so please try to be at the Island Inn before that.

In a few minutes, you should receive an automated email with an invitation to a Slack group dedicated to VP21 (2017). If you’re not familiar with it, Slack is a private chat service that will let you talk to your classmates using your computer, phone, or tablet.

Come join the conversation, and meet the rest of your classmates!

Finally, you’ll need a place to sleep at the Island Inn. All workshop activities take place in Building G, and we recommend that students stay in one of the condos or townhouses in that building.

Unfortunately, the Island Inn’s online booking tools don’t let you specify which building you would like to be in. Therefore, we recommend that you call the Island Inn to book your room, and to take advantage of the group rate that we have negotiated for our students. You can call the Island Inn at:  1-800-462-0269.

Many students like to share rooms with their classmates. We recommend using the VP21 Slack Group to coordinate that amongst yourselves.

The workshop’s students come from all over the world, so you might not be familiar with Martha’s Vineyard or New England. To help plan for your trip, we’ve compiled a little bit of helpful information about Martha’s Vineyard here for you.

If you haven’t already, we strongly recommend that you read up on the Viable Paradise Experience. It’s a powerful, exciting, and often life-changing week for many of our students, and we’ve compiled some helpful resources for you:

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