VP Application Gift Certificate

Is there a writer in your life?

Are you planning to apply, but don't know when?

At any time of year, you can buy a gift certificate for the writer in your life who you think would benefit from the Viable Paradise experience.

And if you’re that writer, but don’t know when you’ll be ready to apply, then buying yourself a gift certificate locks in the lowest possible application fee.

You can buy a gift certificate at any time of year – however:

  • Each gift certificate can only be used once, and;
  • The gift certificate will only be valid until the earlier of:
    • the end of the currently-open Application Period, or;
    • the end of the next Application Period that opens.

VP Application Gift Certificate will always cover the entire application fee. That’s why it’s smart to buy gift certificates early – spending $25.00 for a gift certificate in December is better than spending $50.00 for an application fee in June.

When you buy a gift certificate, we’ll generate a single-use code. When you (or the writer you’ve sponsored) submits their application, they can enter this code to reduce their application fee to zero.

The price of an Application Gift Certificate depends on when you buy it:

  • Before the Application Period opens: $25.00
  • January 1 – March 31: $25.00
  • March 31 – May 15: $35.00
  • May 15 – June 15: $50.00

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